Experienced Gardeners & Horticulturists

in Upper And Lower North Shore

When it comes to landscape  and general garden maintenance, you’re faced with plenty of options! We invite you to learn a little more about Vision Horticulture and why we believe our team of experienced gardeners and horticulturists is set apart from the rest of the competition. We don’t satisfy our clients – we amaze them! Our exceptional gardening and landscaping services are a reflection of the values by which we conduct our work.

Our Values & Strengths

The core strength of Vision Horticulture lies within its team of passionate gardeners and horticulturists. Our team’s combined decades of experience in horticulture knowledge have allowed Vision Horticulture to build a reputation as the go-to garden maintenance provider for unique and immersive outdoor environments. We understand exactly how to create and maintain picturesque gardens at affordable prices. Our dedicated team is made up of lifelong learners who are always seeking out new educational opportunities, be it on the job or through a structured course.

“By effectively aligning each client’s vision with the experience of our team members, Vision Horticulture has established the ability to explore a range of distinctive styles, including Tuscan, Mediterranean, modern contemporary, formal classic and rustic, free form landscaping. Our business continues to grow because we exceed expectations.” – Thomas Kwasik, Director

Customer-Focused Services

We understand that there’s nothing quite like the feeling that a beautifully landscaped and finished garden can give you. Especially over the past few years, we know just how important surrounding yourself with nature and green spaces has become. Our expert horticulturists and soft landscapers understand exactly what it takes to create a beautiful garden atmosphere that relaxes your senses and raises the value of your property. To ensure that we are combining our knowledge and expertise with your desires, from first contact, we work closely with you to understand your unique requirements so we can make your dream garden a reality.