Garden Services Killara

Vision Horticulture proudly provides first class garden services in Killara. Our highly skilled, experienced and professional gardeners will ensure your home is fresh, clean and beautified year-round. What’s more, our highly skilled and passionate landscapers can bring your stunning vision to a perfect reality, creating a dreamscape space that you will love to enjoy with family and friends.

To us, nothing is more important than realising our clients’ home visions through expert Killara garden services. We love what we do and nothing makes us happier than ensuring that you too are absolutely thrilled with your home’s aesthetic and its lush greenery.

Monthly Gardening Maintenance in St Leonards

Vision Horticulture has earned a reputation for providing our valued clients with the most efficient and comprehensive garden services in Sydney.

As such, you can expect the following from our professionals:

  • Maintenance: Would you love to get out and maintain your greenery but simply don’t have the time? That’s perfectly understandable, as most of our regular maintenance clients are people with busy lives who simply don’t have the hours for regular gardening! We can take care of that for you, creating a schedule that will ensure you can always come home to a beautiful space and one you are proud to call your own.
  • Cleanups: Has your backyard become a little bedraggled? Is your lawn looking lousy or trees tousled? If so, our professionals will come out to your home and ensure that your backyard is once again prim, proper and ready to be enjoyed for all its wonderful beauty.
  • Hedging & trimming: Killara and St Leonards homes are revered for their gorgeous hedges. But they are reviled when their hedges get out of hand, and so you might need a professional team to come in and ensure your hedges are always neat and trimmed. Vision Horticulture is the team for you. We will ensure that your borders are always fresh and luxurious with our top quality hedging techniques.
  • Tree pruning: Sydney is an amazingly vibrant city that is full of trees and greenery. Unfortunately, this means that on the odd occasion a tree will stray to the point where it is posing a risk to home occupants and/or pedestrians. When this happens, you need the professionals to come in and safely prune the tree so that it ceases to pose a threat to any individuals and wildlife. Vision Horticulture are the experts for you – our highly trained and experienced professionals will ensure that the tree is safely pruned.

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The Vision Horticulture team will be more than happy to come out to your home to provide our first class Killara garden services. Or, if you have any questions about our work, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer. Call our professionals on 0401 957 057 or fill out an inquiry form via our contact page and we will reply with all the information you require.