First Class Garden Services St Leonards

Vision Horticulture provides St Leonards with comprehensive garden services. We are a team of passionate gardeners and landscapers who love nothing more than making homes look beautifully pristine. Whether this is done by bringing your dream vision a reality, or through routine maintenance, our experts will ensure this happens with our skill, expertise, equipment and attention to detail.

We are driven by a dedication to customer service and professionalism, meaning we always create client-focused solutions that optimise your home’s beauty whilst working with a high level of efficiency. If you’re looking for a team who will beautify your home’s exterior in a friendly and professional manner then you have found it here with Vision Horticulture.

Our comprehensive St Leonards garden services

The Vision Horticulture team has earned a reputation for expertise across a broad range of St Leonards garden services, the likes of which include:

  • Routine maintenance: Want to keep your home looking lush and vibrant year-round? Vision Horticulture will happily provide you with a quote on our routine maintenance work. This includes everything from edging to lawn mowing, trimming, pruning, weeding and more.
  • Clean ups: Have you been just that little too busy of late to properly care for your space? That’s okay! Life often gets in the way of a good gardening session, and that’s why our experts are here to help when things get a little messy in the yard.
  • Lawn care & laying: We have specialised lawn care and are passionate about seeing North Sydney lawns looking fresh and brilliant. So, if you need routine lawn care, our experts will are here to help.
  • Tree lopping: Sydney is one of the world’s most naturally beautiful cities. Unfortunately, sometimes that nature can impede vital amenities and even cause danger to residents. Therefore, it might be necessary to enlist our small tree removal team if you are concerned about a particular tree or have received council advice for removal.
  • Plant selection: We see St Leonards gardens as blank canvases, the kind in which we can plant seeds that soon become gorgeous plants. Our design work can truly illuminate your home’s beauty and give it a breath of new life.

Want to enlist our experts today?

The Vision Horticulture team is committed to providing new and existing clients with a high standard of communication. Therefore, if you would like to chat about what we can do for your home, or would like to receive an obligation-free quote, please feel free to contact our experts. We will be happy to talk about our work or provide a quote that covers everything you require for your home.

Call 0401 957 057 or submit an inquiry form via our contact page and we will reply with all the information you require regarding our professional maintenance and landscaping work.