Hedge Trimming Neutral Bay

Hedge Maintenance and Gardening Services

Project – Maintain Hedge and Gardens

Location – Neutral Bay NSW


  • Trim and shape the hedges
  • Tidy up the garden beds
  • Fertilize the lawn
  • Fertilize the garden beds
  • Remove waste

Hedge Shaping and Maintenance in Neutral Bay

Hedge shaping is the art of sculpting and maintaining hedges to desired forms. This involves carefully trimming and pruning to create defined shapes, like squares, curves, or animals. The result is not only an aesthetically pleasing landscape but also functional barriers, offering privacy and structure to outdoor spaces.

We routinely maintain the shape of the hedges on this residential property utilising hand and power tools.

Advantages of hedge shaping and trimming

Hedge shaping and trimming offer several advantages for your landscaping and outdoor spaces:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Well-maintained hedges enhance the overall appearance of your property, providing a neat and orderly landscape.
  • Privacy and Screening: Tightly trimmed hedges create natural barriers, offering privacy and shielding your property from view
  • Property Boundaries: Hedges can define property boundaries effectively, reducing disputes and marking limits.
  • Wildlife Habitat: Maintaining hedges can create a habitat for birds and other wildlife, contributing to biodiversity.
  • Noise Reduction: Thick, healthy hedges can absorb and dampen noise, creating a quieter outdoor environment.

Fertilizing Lawns and Garden Beds Neutral Bay

We fertilised the area after removing any unwanted plants from the garden beds. We then fertilised the grass.

Hedge trimming services Neutral Bay

Choose From a Range of Hedging Services

With our formative, restorative and regular hedging services, Vision Horticulture can help you create a beautiful environment around your property. We can help establish new hedgerows as well as provide restoration work for hedges that have been neglected or suffered from disease. If you’ve already got a healthy plant system on your property, we encourage you to contract us for your regular maintenance which includes hedge trimming and reshaping. Our landscaping and hedging team will keep your property looking its very best.

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Why Choose Vision Horticulture Hedging Services?

A well-maintained hedge looks elegant and sophisticated, adding class, style and value to any property. Trust us to keep yours looking great all year round. From the first time you pick up the phone to contact us, our team of experienced horticulturists will work closely with you to advise on the best plants for your hedges based on your property location, climate and soil. They will also help develop the most effective and efficient care plan for your particular needs. Our hedging services are available in: